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One of the major things missing in our area is an easy way for people to get into match play - you're left with a choice of playing social games or club nights or going straight into a league team and playing week in, week out. And that's a big step with a big committment right from the start.

We're trying to fill the gap by playing a lot of one-off friendly matches or mini-tournaments - the commitment each time is just one evening but you know you can sign up again next time.


An important feature of friendly matches is to get balanced games you can win if you play well and will lose if you play badly, so we put suitable opponents together and will push players up a level if they're too strong. Our aims also include setting the bar as low as we can. We think entry to match play should be limited only by what's safe and practical, and the availaiblity of opponents at the same level. Not arbitrary standards set by other people.


The easiest format we use is the friendly league format with four teams of two (ie. one pair) all play all, best of three. This is easy to organise and fits into two hours on two courts with time to spare and it can be mixed, men's or ladies doubles, but we have other tried and tested formats available for different numbers.


Check the fxtures page for details of what's currently scheduled and who's playing. We have a long-running series of friendly matches played on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the summer at Westlands in Yeovil. This is mainly people from the lower divisions of the local league along with social and club players below league level and those just not wanting to commit to a league schedule.

We can also run friendly matches on other days and at other venues. The more, the merrier.


To join in or ask questions see the contact details at the bottom of the home page. Entries can be in pairs or teams or groups or individuals (we'll try to put people together to make new pairs or teams). The cost is normally 5 per player. This covers courts for two hours and feather shuttles. Bring your own drinks.

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