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All our sessions 5 pay-as-you go or 62 per term (that's a bit over 3 a week) but you have to pay your own affiliation fee (see below). Match fees and team practice are also 5 (but we might have to add a small extra charge next season).

If you play regularly then it'll be much cheaper if you pay a sub rather than pay-as-you-go and for some sessions you may need to pay a sub to book your place permanently - or risk losing your place if the session is very popular.


You can play six times as a visitor before you have to become a member. You don't have to pay a sub if you become a member - you can stay with pay-as-you go if you prefer. The cost of becoming a member is 18.50. That's the affliation fee paid to Badminton England (we collect it and pass it on).

You don't have to meet a mimimum playing standard to become a member, but you will want to be in the right session if you're a beginner or a match player. We do have standards of behaviour that will be enforced (no grumbling at weaker players, no sneaking on court out of turn, no getting angry or being rude to people... just the obvious stuff).


We're an affiliated club and all members must pay the annual affiliation fee to Badminton England. You can pay it through us or any other affiliated club (you can pay it direct if you want but people normally pay through a club). If you're a member of more than one club you pay your affiliation only once.

Badminton England provide our public liability insurance (there's a legal requirement that all clubs have that). The only other benefit useful to grass roots players is the option to upgrade with personal injury insurance. There's also a magazine, but most people put that straight in the recycling bin, and stuff for county players or people going to national championships and international events.

The public liability insurance covers you personally as well as the club (if you do something stupid or careless that causes injury to someone else).


There are clubs where you can ostensibly pay less, but you will often find these don't provide proper shuttles, or don't offer coaching (which costs money, and is needed when you first start) or they have no insurance (it's a legal requirement that they do, but it's one of those laws no-one bothers to do anything about until something goes wrong). Some clubs have insurance that only covers you some of the time, or only covers the organisers, or is so limited as to be useless.

There are clubs where you don't have to pay your Badminton England affiliation. Most of these have no insurance. Some have insurance of their own which usually has strings attached (even the good policies are usually limited to a single venue) while the Badminton England version applies whenever and wherever you play and also has the option to upgrade.


The cost of providing feather shuttles is about 1 per person per session. If you go to a club that doesn't provide shuttles or only provides plastic shuttles this is how much less you should be paying.

Badminton is played with feather shuttles. Plastic shuttles don't fly like proper shuttles. They don't spring off the racket like proper shuttles and they don't interact with the strings like proper shuttles. If you play with plastic shuttles you will not learn to time your shots properly, you will not learn the accuracy you will need to play against stronger opponents. There's a whole range of shots you will be unable to play at all.

Playing with plastic shuttles will raise a barrier against improving your game later. You'll need to throw away a lot of the technique and tactics you've learned and acquire a bunch of new skills when you start playing with feathers.

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