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17th June 2021

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Shuttlebusters promotes and organises badminton coaching and practice sessions, plus starter and taster sessions so that anyone can learn to play, or get plenty of playing time and improve their game if they already play. We also organise friendly matches and graded mini-tournaments and support teams playing in local leagues.

If you're new to badminton or this site you may want to start with what you need and what it costs and the intro page.


Mondays at Westfield will restart on 21st June under the modifed "organised badminton" rules, 7pm start for beginners, 8pm improvers. The covid rules for our badminton are that we’re now allowed up to 16 players in a group and people can swap between courts. If we have more than 16 we can split into two groups. Social distancing stills applies off court, before and after.


Everyone does still have to book a place “electronically” in advance and for us that means you send an email or a text message to say you’re coming. This is for contact tracing if someone does turn out to be spreading the virus. One message to book for a group is okay (you can relay messages from test and trace if needed).


Payments are online in advance “if possible” (I can provide account details) and straight to the cash tin otherwise.


Monday 28th June will be an open evening. Anyone new can play for free, and we’ll do some starter-session coaching if it’s needed. It’s also free for existing members who bring someone new, so do look out for anyone you know who would Like to give it a try.


There’s also an all-clubs open day on Saturday 26th June at Westlands, but we don’t know if that’s going ahead (because of the extended lockdown rules).


if you are eligible for covid vaccinations then you should have them, if and when they’re offered, and confirm that when you’re asked. We have a number of people who are either at risk from covid themselves, or are shielding family members, and it’s unreasonable and unfair to expose them to unnecessary risk.

If you can’t/won’t be vaccinated then instead you must take a lateral flow test (can be ordered for free online or collected for free in person from pharmacies, chemists and test centres) each time, the day before coming to badminton, and bring the results to show you’re clear. Without either, you will be asked to leave the session. We expect this is going to be the norm for most public events going forward.


Wednesdays at Abbey Manor and Fridays at East Coker have restarted. The covid guidelines apply so you need to book a place and pay in advance (electronically) and we're limited to one court and six players. Those venues only have one court anyway, so no problem.


Mondays at Westfield are normally good all year round, except for bank holidays.


Our Tuesdays 8-10pm session for stronger players is now back at Oxley Sports Centre in Sherborne all year round, except during exams, but this closed during lockdown and has not yet restarted.


We have a beginners-only class 7-8pm Mondays at Westfield. Now is a very good time to get started, or to restart, since people haven't played in over a year and they're all rusty. There's plenty of room for new starters.


We have an intermediate or "improvers" evening class 8-10pm Mondays at Westfield. This session is mainly about playing time with balanced games and no fuss, with coaching support available when you want it.


Pay-as-you-go is 6 pounds a time. A sub for the whole term in either of the Monday classes brings the cost down to around 4 pounds a time. Matches and team practice are pay-as-you-go only.


Our club details are at the bottom of the page. We'll pass on emails and text messages for non-club sessions and events listed here (Tuesday lunchtimes plus Yeovil College and the Crewkerne clubs) but normally you can turn up and introduce yourself on the day (that's not allowed during lockdown restrictions). For other clubs follow the links or make a search for the latest info.


Our summer series of friendly matches and mini tournaments are slated to return in 2021 and will be expanded to include some games during the season. Days, times and venues will vary, but watch this space. If you want to play these you need to check what's happening and put your name forward - you're welcome to email us (contact details below) to make it known you're interested.


Shuttlebusters is for ages 15 & up, but there is a good coached session available for ages 8-15 with James Elkin at 6:30pm Fridays at Yeovil College. Just ask and we'll pass your message on. James also runs a session for ages 15 & up (mixed abilities, adults included) at 4:30-6:30, also at Yeovil College.


The Racketettes is a Ladies Social Badminton Club 7-8pm on Thursdays at Crewkerne Sports Centre. Beginners are welcome. Contact details (Lorna Glover) are available on request.


Blaze Badminton Club is 7-9pm on Wednesdays at Crewkerne Sports Centre. Contact details (Chris Tate) are available on request. Chris is also running an early evening junior club at the same venue.


There's a daytime/lunchtime session 1-2 pm on Tuesdays at Westlands. Turn up, or contact us in advance.


For online maps go to Google Maps and enter a postcode in the search box before pushing the search button. Postcodes for the venues we use are below (note these are locations, not postal addresses) :-

Westfield Abbey Manor East Coker Oxley Crewkerne Yeovil College Stanchester
BA21 3EL BA21 3TL BA22 9JJ DT9 3DA TA18 7NT BA21 4DR TA14 6UG

CONTACTS     Ring or text Peter on 07890 902005 (mobile) or email

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